Lynne Schumal, MPM

Co founder and Principal, Advanced Parking Solutions LLC

Lynne has 20 years of operations and project management experience.  During her eight years in the parking industry, Lynne has operated many different types of parking operations and has had responsibility for overseeing parking operations for portfolios as large as fifty locations.  Part of her responsibilities for these portfolios was to assure financial success for the company and the clients she represented.  She approached every location with a critical eye to guarantee that the integrity of the revenue control system was solid. Lynne assessed the accounting checks and balances and set up the operation so that increased vigilance would ensure complete revenue collections at the facility. To further enhance the profit maximization of the facility, she forecasted parking revenues and expenses within the preparation of the yearly parking facility budgets.  As well, Lynne was responsible for assuring the appropriateness of her facilities’ rate structures to take full advantage of the highest revenue stream possible.  To maximize parking revenues on the monthly parking side, she assessed parking allocations for any applicable tenant leases in her facilities.  Recently, along with Kirsten, Lynne prepared, presented and facilitated a seminar at the annual conference of the Southwest Parking Association called “Space and Revenue Maximization for your Parking Facility”. 

For five of her eight years in the industry, Lynne was assigned as an Operations Manager for Los Angeles and Houston.  Along with the responsibility of the financial management of her facilities, her oversight included all employee and human resources management issues, client and customer satisfaction and the training and development of the managers, administrative staff and line employees that reported to her.  

Most recently, Lynne assured the quality of customer and client satisfaction in 13 cities on the West Coast for the largest transportation management company in the world.  Along with those responsibilities, she also was responsible for single handedly developing the corporate wide QA audit program for the company's field locations, implemented various training initiatives to improve customer and client satisfaction and worked on the company's branding and standardization initiatives at the corporate level. 

She has also been extremely involved in the technology enhancement side of the industry related to the development, testing and implementation of software and technology to aid in improving parking operations in the field.   In her most recent position prior to Advanced Parking Solutions, Lynne helped to develop the company’s proprietary monthly parking accounts receivable program.  She worked from the development phase with the programming firm to ongoing testing of all enhancements.  Her operational expertise helped to create a monthly parking accounts receivable program that is second to none in the industry.  In addition, Lynne developed lot enforcement software called MallTrak with Pacific Cascade that created a way to track parked cars without chalking tires, alerted the enforcement personnel when a vehicle was parked longer than allowed in a facility and tracked repeat violators in a specially designed database with the ability to download to a collection entity. 

Lynne also has extensive experience with most garage access and revenue control systems on the market today.  She has consulted on many projects, making equipment purchase and implementation recommendations as well as managing the process of installation and implementation at the facilities.  Currently, she continues to work in the software and technology development area of the parking industry as well as overseeing Advanced Parking Solutions’ global management information systems decisions.

Lynne has her undergraduate degree in Economics from Arizona State University and has a Masters in Project Management from Keller Graduate School of Management in Chicago.  In addition Lynne is Associate Faculty at the University of Phoenix for their Online and Phoenix campuses instructing project and operations management with a practitioner orientation to both undergraduate and graduate students. 

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