Michael Schumal

Advisor, Advanced Parking Solutions LLC

Mike worked for General Motors for 35 years.  He was assigned to the Electro Motive Division in Chicago, Illinois, which manufactures diesel and electric locomotives for GM.  While at EMD, he was the Plant Manager responsible for the operation of various plants that were part of the locomotive manufacturing operation.  Mike also has experience in materials management in both operations and systems development, manufacturing engineering and quality and process control.  He helped to develop and integrate computerized scheduling, shop floor control, group technology and perpetual inventory with the EMD operation.  He was part of a three-person team at EMD that developed the first lease of 100 locomotives on the basis of  "power by the hour" for the Burlington Northern Railroad.  Mike also developed and implemented the plan for Electro Motive to manufacture locomotives in Brazil.  He is a graduate of General Motors Institute (now Kettering University) in Flint, Michigan with a BS in Mechanical Engineering and has completed the University of Illinois Executive Development Program.  Mike will act as an advisor to Advanced Parking Solutions on projects requiring his expertise.

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