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Parking 101 - Basic Parking Operations Management

Length: 4 hours

For all Management Levels but specifically targets the new parking manager or supervisor.

This class reviews the following topics:

bulletBasic Operations - Review of basic parking operations management topics including:
bulletRevenue Control Equipment Types
bulletRevenue Types collected in Parking Facilities
bulletTypes of Parking Facility Operations
bulletBasic Revenue Control - Topics presented include review of:
bulletTicket Summaries and their Use
bulletDaily, Weekly and Monthly Revenue Summaries
bulletSeparation of Duties to Ensure proper Auditing
bulletBasic Auditing - Presentation of basic ticket auditing processes for self-park and valet operations with or without revenue control equipment.
bulletCritical Steps to Being a Successful Manager - Topics presented include:
bulletImportance of Continuing Training and Education
bulletResources of Training and Education in the industry
bulletAddressing importance of the development of:
bulletCustomer Service & People Skills
bulletFinancial & Computer Skills
bulletOperational Expertise
bulletVerbal & Written Communication Skills
bulletBasic Customer Service - Review of Customer Service Techniques to ensure operation of a successful facility.

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