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Parking 401 - Building Managers & Owners "Getting More Bang for your Parking Buck"

Length: 4 hours

For all Building Managers and Owners who have parking operations as part of their responsibilities.

Parking 401 is taught by individuals with over 20 years of experience in both financial and operational aspects of the parking industry.  The course focuses on the following topics:


 How to Perform Quick Evaluations of Your Current Operations Whether you perform your services in house or have an operator, even the busiest manager can perform some simple things to evaluate your current operation.


How to Perform Quick Evaluations of Your Monthly Revenue/Expense Reports- Financial guidelines and industry accepted ratios.


What things should I be receiving from my Parking Manager?  A comprehensive list and recommended executive summary format that will help the busiest manager perform a consistent review.


Ticket Summaries & Ticket Loss:  How to Find Your Facilities True Ticket Loss Many locations are not reviewed for this at all and those that are, many times are done incorrectly, leading to potential revenue loss that goes unnoticed.


Developing an RFP and the Evaluation Process of rating proposers .


How to Get Creative at Getting More Revenue - Discussion of Lease Abstracts, Outside Marketing, Ancillary Income and more.....


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