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Parking 501 - Basic Parking Analysis for Advanced Management Personnel

Length: 4 hours

For the more advanced Parking Manager who has one to two years of parking operations management experience.

This class reviews the following topics:

bulletCash Flow Management - Review of tips on managing the parking facility's cash flow to ensure the most profitable management of the location's revenues and expenses.
bulletDiversity & Oversell - Presentation of the calculation and correct use of Diversity & Oversell for a parking facility.  Included is a general guideline of estimating the facility's diversity as well.
bulletEliminating Duplication of Effort & Process Improvement - Review of effective management techniques to streamline processes with special attention paid to the processes and effort used in parking facility management.
bulletSpace & Revenue Maximization - Three areas of space and revenue maximization are addressed:
bulletOperational - This includes:
bulletChoosing a Facility's Operating Method
bulletAddressing Space Types & Mix
bulletMonitoring & Enforcement Issues
bulletRevenue - This includes:
bulletHow to anticipate fluctuating volume & planning for it
bulletHow to set appropriate rates
bulletHow to make appropriate rate recommendations
bulletEngineering Considerations - Presentation on how changing the physical lot layout will impact increasing revenue and/or decreasing expenses.

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